Our family will forever be grateful to Mr. Carlson for writing that beautiful eulogy for our
beloved father.  Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult period.
Daughter of WWII Vet    Emporia, VA
Testimonial Speeches and Eulogies
Speech Profile:   Every day in America, we bid farewell to thousands of
veterans who served this country in places like Iwo Jima, Normandy,
and within the Pusan Perimeter.  Every one of these veterans is a hero,
an each of them deserves to be eulogized for the contributions they
made to free the world from tyranny.  If you have lost a loved one who
served America in her darkest hours,, consider it an honor - and a great
patriotic duty - to speak on their behalf.  Contact us today to ensure
their valor and their patriotism will be remembered forever by those
they loved.
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